Photo Contest Rules

Westmoreland County 250th Anniversary
 Amateur Photo Contest

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Photo contest open to all Amateur Photographers (meaning someone earns less than 50% of his or her annual income through photography) in the following categories:
    Nature (Plants and Animals)

    Places (Cities, Landscapes, Architecture)
  2. A first-place prize of $250 will be awarded for each category; a second-place prize of $150 will be awarded for each category; a third-place prize of $75 will be awarded for each category.
  3. Photographs must be taken in a Westmoreland County. Any photographs taken in outside of Westmoreland County are not eligible.
  4. Photographs can be taken in any season. Please refrain from submitting collages and composite images. Image manipulation shall be limited to cropping and minor color and contrast adjustments. Use of watermarks is prohibited. Photographs should be suitable for viewing by all ages.
  5. Only full-color, high quality photographs will be accepted.  Black and white photographs will not be accepted.  Photographs shall be submitted in landscape format.
  6. The County reserves the right to disqualify any photographs it deems inappropriate or unsuitable.
  7. Photos will be judged for impact, creativity, and image quality.
  8. All photos must be submitted through the official on-line form.
  9. You may submit a maximum of three (3) images total per applicant (regardless of category).  Deadline for submissions is Friday, October 27, 2023 by 4:00 pm. Winners will be contacted through email or phone. Prizes to be awarded Monday, November 27, 2023,
  10. Please identify each photograph by renaming each file in the following format: "Category (People, Nature or Places), Photographer's Name (last and first), Photo Subject, Photo Location" 
    Examples: Nature Smith John Dog Greensburg
                      Places Doe Jane Carnival Murrysville
  11. The Applicant will retain the rights to their photographs. .
  12. The Applicant agrees not to trespass on private property when taking photographs and to stay alert and be aware of his or her surroundings.
  13. By submitting an Application, the Applicant agrees:
  • to share the rights in their photographs with Westmoreland County 
  • to allow the County to use, reproduce, distribute and display the photographs for any purpose, including but not limited to projects and marketing purposes (website, social media and printed material) royalty-free. The use shall be perpetual and irrevocable. The photographer will be credited wherever reasonably possible
  • that any persons appearing in the submitted photograph have given the Applicant and Westmoreland County consent for reproduction and promotional use
  • that the Applicant has the right to submit the photograph(s) to the Westmoreland County 250th Anniversary Amateur Photo Contest 
  • the Applicant shall be at least 18 years of age at the time of submission 
  • the Applicant is giving the County permission to publish the Applicant's name in the list of winners
  • the Applicant is not an employee of Westmoreland County