Recovering Financial Loss


A purple restitution claim will be provided to you to be returned to Victim/Witness Services. It is your responsibility to complete and return this form in a timely manner. Restitution information must be available at the time of sentencing for the Judge to order it. The Defendant will have the term of their sentence to pay the restitution. Payments will be made to the Clerk of Courts and then a check will be sent to the victim in about 14 to 20 days. Restitution can be a very lengthy process. The Adult Probation Office is responsible for ensuring that the Defendant makes their payments. THEY CAN BE REACHED AT 724-830-3700. Please be advised that if the Defendant is incarcerated in the County Prison, you will not receive any payments until after he/she is released.

Please call our office if you have any questions about restitution.

Crime Victims Compensation Assistance Program

If awarded, this program may cover any funeral expenses, un-reimbursed medical expenses, loss of wages or support or loss of the ability to earn wages as a result of bodily injury from a crime. In some cases counseling expenses may also be covered. Pain, suffering, and property losses are not covered. This act requires that the crime be reported to the police within 72 hours after the crime occurred.

Applications can be obtained from our office or by contacting:
Victim Compensation Program
Bureau of Victim's Services
P.O. Box 1167
Harrisburg, PA 17108-1167
(717) 783-5153 or (800) 233-2339

Our office can assist you with filing the claim as well as provide any necessary follow up.