Court Fees

Civil Complaint Arbitration, Assumpsit, Breach of Contract, Declaration of Taking, Equity, Injunction/Injunction Relief, Mandamus, Medical Malpractice, Declaratory Judgment, Mortgage Foreclosure, Ejectment, Quiet Title, Partition of Real Property, Replevin

Writ of Summons Writ of Certiorari, In Ejectment, In Equity,  158.50
Appeals Transcript Appeals, Magisterial Appeals, Landlord/Tenant Appeals, Statutory Appeal  158.25
Appeals License Suspension, Vehicle Insurance Suspension, Vehicle Registration Suspension  158.00
Appeals Appeal Arbitration Award 385.50
Petition for Change of Name 169.00
Appeal Zoning Board of Land Use Appeal 161.25
Appointment Board of Viewers 161.25
Motions/Petitions Abandoned Vehicle Title, Appoint Conservator, Appoint Guardian, Appoint School Police, Commit Minors for Treatment, Declaration of Taking, Emancipation, Eminent Domain/Condemnation, Expungement, Issuance of Subpoena, Just Compensation, Letters of Rogatory, Nunc Pro Tunc, Objection & Exception to Tax Sale, Objection To Nomination, Recanvass Voting Machine, Restore Firearms, Open Judgment, Strike Judgment, Special Relief to set Aside Judicial Tax Sale, Stay of Tax Sale,Structured Settlement, Free & Clear Sale  158.00
Higher Court Fees Appeal to (Superior/Commonwealth), Commonwealth, Superior 106.50
Higher Court Fees Appeal Court Fee - Second Check with Above Appeal Fee 90.25
Liens Mechanics Lien 76.50
Municipal Lien/Claim 76.00
No Lien 67.25
Tax Lien 35.75
Complaint Confession of Judgment/Ejectment 76.50
Condominium Lien 76.75
Consent Judgment 30.75
Default Judgment 30.75
Domestic 76.50
Judgment 76.50
Certified Adult Probation, Arrearages, By Confession, Complaint in Confession And/or Ejectment, Certified from Clerk of Courts,  Judgment Note, Workman's Comp
Judgment on the Quiet Title 19.75
Judgment Roll 35.75
Orphans Court 76.50
Reduce Arb Award to Judgment 76.50
Support Arrearages 76.50
Transcript Judgment 76.25
Lis Pendens 76.00
Transfers Judgment from Another County 76.50
Writ of Execution Foreign (Out of County) 78.25
Exemplification of Record (Out of State) 76.50
Judgment Foreign (Out of State) 78.75
Order Change Venue (Another County) 22.00
Cert of Docket Entry (Another County) 22.00
Exemplified Record 22.00 
Office Fees
Case Folder Copies (per page) .75
Docket History 1.25
Old Docket Copies (per page) 2.25 
Naturalization (per page) 2.25
Certificate 6.50
Subpoena 4.50

Misc Award (Arbitrators) 30.75
Case Reinstatement 51.00
Certification of Judgment to Harrisburg 6.50
Certified Copy of Lien 36.25
Discontinuance 11.00
Dismissal 11.00
Dissolve Attachment 11.00
Expungement 41.25
Issuance of Substitute Writ 11.00
Judgment Assignment 11.00
Naturalization Search 25.75
Name Search 11.00
Order Summary Judgment Granted 30.75
Power of Attorney (Corporate) 11.00
Praecipe to Open/Strike Judgment 11.00
Praecipe Terminate Supersedeas 11.00
Release of Lien 11.00
Satisfaction with Certificate 6.50
Settled Discontinued and Cert Issued 17.50
Settled Discontinue and End 11.00
Suggestion of Nonpayment 19.75
Vacate Judgment 11.00
Verdict 30.75
Withdrawal 11.00
Writ of Execution 33.00
Money Judgment, Mortgage Foreclosure, Possession, Scire Facias, Revival, Wage Attachment
E-Filing New Case Filing 15.00
Secondary Filing 8.00