Unclaimed Remains

Resources Available for Disposition of Unclaimed Remains

Effective August 1, 2021, the Westmoreland County Office of the Coroner will no longer provide transport services for storage cases that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the coroner for investigative purposes.  If a deceased is located at your facility, all efforts shall be exhausted by your agency to locate next-of-kin for disposition instructions.

In the event there is no resolution, the Coroner's Office can be contacted at 724-830-3636 to report the death and arrange storage and disposition.  The deceased must be transported to the county morgue after reporting of all necessary information regarding the death.

It is the responsibility of your agency to arrange the transportation to the morgue.  The deceased must be tagged on the body and outside of the body bag.  The Coroner's Office will not accept personal items or any jewelry on the body.  All associated costs from the transportation is the responsibility of your agency.  The Coroner's Office must be given advanced notice of the transport in order to have personnel available to receive the decedent.

Unclaimed Unites States Veterans

Dates of Service
War Period        
Date of Death       
Eugene Constantino               SGT U.S. Air Force Honorable                   6/24/1965-12/11/1968 Vietnam 10/5/2009
Donald E. Rush Navy: FR
Army: PVT
U.S. Navy
U.S. Army
Honorable Navy: 5/10/1974-7/13/1977                  
Army: 3/11/1981-7/2/1984
N/A 8/11/2017
Craig Beddle AMHAN U.S. Navy Honorable 6/23/1969-6/28/1971 Vietnam     12/13/2020
Robert A. Ottaviani Airman 2nd Class U.S. Air Force Honorable 9/15/1964-2/16/1967 Vietnam 12/25/2020
Michael Bidzilla AMN U.S. Air Force Honorable 5/30/1978-5/19/1980 None 3/5/2021
David Sage PFC
U.S. Marine Corps      
Honorable        6/16/1970-12/17/1973 Vietnam 10/14/2019
Roger J. Hudak LCPL U.S. Marine Corps Honorable 7/30/1975-7/17/1978 None 8/18/2020
Larry B. Frye Sp4 U.S. Army Honorable 9/11/1967-8/23/1969 Vietnam 12/23/2016
Bruce S. Herer PFC U.S. Army Honorable 10/30/1958-10/24/1960 None 1/8/2019
William M. Kenton PFC U.S. Marine Corps Honorable 6/18/1956-4/9/1958 None 12/14/2008
Otis L. Davenport PVT U.S. Marine Corps Honorable 8/27/1970-9/25/1970 Vietnam 5/21/2019
Lawrence M. Jenkins       SR U.S. Navy Honorable 1/25/1962-4/5/1962 None 3/23/2020
Matthew Bowman SK1 U.S. Navy Honorable 5/24/1950-3/15/1954
Clayton F. Moyer SSGT U.S. Army Honorable 1/25/1944-3/11/1946 WWII 1/29/1993
William J. Moyer SSGT U.S. Army Honorable 11/10/1943-11/27/1945 WWII 7/7/1995

Unclaimed Remains

Last Name First Name Date of Death
Avery Elizabeth 8/6/2021
Baker Georgeann 3/22/2019
Boring Lois 7/1/2021
Bowser Freeman 3/4/2009
Busang Janet 6/15/2017
Cross Sherri 10/6/2020
Davis Robert 5/10/2019
Davis, Jr. Allen 11/6/2019
Downard Kayme 12/1/2016
Eakman, Sr. William 4/24/2015
Echols Norman 11/11/2017
Fobare Dominica 7/3/2015
Foschia Carol 2/15/2018
Graves Lee 11/7/2017
Henderson Tyrone 2/12/2013
Holmes Alice 5/28/2018
Hovance Judith 1/9/2018
Jones Maryjane 1/26/2018
Jones Valerie Unknown
Kennedy John 12/1/2020
Klass Ruth 12/7/1999
Lankey David 12/16/2017
Maiolo Lenora 12/21/2017
Majercak Martin 11/17/2020
Marsh Howard 12/4/2015
Mazur John 6/28/2021
McCurdy Mark 11/3/2020
Moore Edward 1/14/2018
Moyer Sara Unknown
Parisi Jamie 6/25/2016
Peterman Janet 5/5/2015
Quinn Timothy 9/24/2019
Reiter James 4/26/2018
Rowe Evelyn 9/21/2016
Scarpaci Daniel 7/2/2021
Seybold Dennis 6/11/2019
Thompson Joseph 2/2/2019
Trinciante Richard 11/30/2014
Trout Eileen 11/22/2017
Waldenville, Sr. John 3/25/2015
Whalen Michael 1/5/2021
Wonson Dorothy 1/1/2021