Major Incidents & Disasters

Emergency Procedures

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In an effort to provide a timely and accurate release of information in the event of a mass fatality incident or disaster, the Westmoreland County Coroner will implement the following procedures.

All media information will be released through this web site and the use of a public information officer. Regular press conferences will also be scheduled and announced. Please do not contact the WCCO by telephone as information will not be released over the phone and such calls will hinder the clerical operations and field communications of the forensic investigation staff.

A representative of family members possibly involved in a major incident / disaster is encouraged to contact the WCCO. The representative should be the legal next of kin or their designee. Multiple calls concerning the same individual will delay our ability to assist the concerned families of other possible victims. Please be prepared to provide your name, address, phone number as well as details, descriptions, and personal information of the family member(s).

The WCCO appreciates the offering of assistance during such incidents, however, specific disaster plans will be implemented and necessary resources will be requested through the appropriate branch of the Incident Command System. Such offerings should be referred to the appropriate resource officer at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

As the identification of decedents is completed and notification is made to next of kin, pertinent information will be updated on this site as often as possible. Please understand that scene operations are the primary focus of the forensic staff and initial release of information may be delayed.