Spring Weather Exercise

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The 2021 PEMA-Hosted Spring Weather Exercise was held on Thursday, April 22,  2021 in the Virtual EOC. This year brought many participants from all over, including 2 County Departments, 7 Local Emergency Management Agencies, 4 Emergency Medical Services Agencies, 1 Law Enforcement Agency, 1 Non-Governmental Organization, 16 Congregate Care Facilities, and 6 School District/Intermediate Units. 

This exercise tested numerous events taking place at once. There was flash flooding, bus entrapment, high winds, fallen trees, structural damage, power outages, blocked roadways, serious injuries, and death. Communications had to be made quickly, and concisely. Using the Knowledge Center inside of Corvena to document the exercise, it was treated as the main hub for the incident. Phones and radios were also used, along with our Emergency Alert System, CodeRed, sending out alerts via text and or email.  

The exercise was conducted from 0900 to 1530, concluding in an overall success.