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The Lead Paint Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Program of Westmoreland County

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The goal of Westmoreland County is to protect the health of children and their families from dangerous effects of lead-based paint and other health and safety hazards likely to be  present in homes built prior to 1978.

Whether you are a homeowner, rental property owner or tenant, it is important that your home is lead-safe. Participation in the LeadHazard Control and Healthy Homes Program can make your home lead-safe and family-friendly.

About the Program

Many homes constructed prior to 1978 contain lead-based paint. When the paint is disturbed through remodeling, daily wear and tear on doors, windows, and other painted surfaces, or age deterioration, it creates hazardous dust.

Eligible applicants will receive financial assistance to address lead hazards found in the home through a FREE Risk Assessment and Lead-Based Paint Inspection

Lead-based work could include:
Window Replacements / DoorReplacements / Paint Stabilization/ Minimal structural repair /Identify and address other health and safety hazards in your home

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  • Residence located within Westmoreland County
  • Home built prior to 1978
  • Children under the age of 6 or a pregnant woman present in the household
  • Property taxes and homeowners insurance must be current
  • Maximum income per household size must fall below limits

Income Guidelines

To be eligible for the program, households must meet the income guidelines* listed below.
*HUD income level limits are as of 2022 and are subject to change

Household SizeIncome Limit Per Year
5$81, 950