President Judge Letter to Jurors


Dear Juror:

    At the foundation of our legal system is the right to a jury trial. As judges, we know that without the service of jurors, the legal system would fail. We are fortunate in Westmoreland County to have a history of ensuring that litigants have an ample pool from which to select a panel of jurors. As President Judge, I intend to continue in this tradition, even in the face of difficult times, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

    We, the judges of Westmoreland County, regard your health and safety as being of utmost importance. I am writing to let you know that we have taken precautions to ensure that you will be safe during your service. Health and safety measures will include:

          Sanitizing:  Westmoreland County’s maintenance department disinfects in accordance with CDC guidelines and disinfects the courthouse on a daily basis. This includes use of a wet process to kill bacteria on hard-nonporous surfaces, as well as use of an aerosol disinfectant in designated areas of the courthouse. 

          Masks:  All who attend court are encouraged to use a mask. We ask that you bring your own mask, so that we may continue to preserve our supplies, should we need them in the future.

          Sanitizing stations:  Areas inside the courthouse are available for easy use of hand sanitizers.  

          Social distancing:  Our judges have agreed to comply with guidelines regarding social distancing and will ensure that there is ample space between jurors, counsel and litigants. 

          Temperature screening: Park Police take temperatures of all who enter the courthouse.

    We are proud of our strong tradition of providing access to justice, even when circumstances make it trying to do so. On behalf of the judges of the Westmoreland County Court of Common Pleas, thank you for your service, and for helping us to safeguard the right to a jury trial, one of the most fundamental rights to our legal system.        

    Judge Hathaway signature