Older Adult Caregiver of Adults with Disability

Do You Care for an Adult with a Disability?

Support for an older relative caregiver of an adult age 18-59 with a non-dementia disability

Things You Need to Know

  • Caregiver assumes primary responsibility for the provision of care
  • Care Receiver must be age 18-59 with a non-dementia disability
  • The older adult must be 55 or over
  • Caregiver and Care Receiver are related by blood, marriage or adoption including biological parent
  • Care Receiver must have substantial limitation in at least one area of functioning

How the Program Works

The Area Agency on Aging will complete an assessment of the caregiver and care receiver.  A home visit will occur.

Depending on household income, a caregiver is eligible for up to $200 a month to purchase approved services and supplies such as respite or personal care and incontinence supplies or medical supplies not covered by insurance.