No contraband is permitted to enter the institution. If you are found in possession of contraband (any instrument or device for use in making, attempting or aiding in an escape and/or any item not authorized in this institution - drugs, alcohol, tobacco and/or tobacco products, etc.), you will be turned over to the local authorities for prosecution.

A drug-sniffing K-9 dog will be at the institution to monitor the visiting periods. If the dog indicates the presence of drugs on a visitor, that visitor will be subject to a search. The visitor will then be required to sign a search consent form authorizing the search of their person. Upon the search and the absence of any contraband found, the visitor will be permitted to visit. Those persons refusing to be searched will have the permanent loss of their visiting privilege.

It should be noted that any vehicle parked on prison property is subject to a random search that does not have to be based on suspicion of any illegal activity. In these cases, you will again be required to sign a search consent form. Failure to sign the search consent form will result in the permanent loss of your visiting privilege.