Court Clothing

Court Clothing will only be accepted and exchanged for inmates who are scheduled to appear for criminal court and/or sentence court. Court clothing brought in by you must be in a bag clearly marked with the inmate's name. All inmates will be permitted to have two (2) sets of clothing in their property bag. Any excessive clothing will be exchanged at the time of visit, shipped out COD, or discarded completely.

The following is a list of court clothing that may be brought in:
1 - suit/dress
1 - belt
1 - pants/skirt
1 - tie
1 - shirt or blouse or jersey
1 - pair of shoes (no used sneakers)
1 - pair of eyeglasses; the inmate must submit a request slip to the Medical & Security Departments, and have prior approval before being dropped off at the receptionist’s office or be mailed into this institution.

Contact Lenses cannot be dropped off at the receptionist’s desk.

The inmate must have prior authorization (via inmate request slip) from the Medical and Security Departments to obtain these contacts. These contact lenses

must be mailed

into this institution from the supplier (eye care doctor, eye company manufacturer, etc.) for security reasons. Eye care solution can be purchased from our commissary.

Any person(s) wishing to take custody of an inmate's personal property is to report to the receptionist between the hours of 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

An inmate request slip must precede any court clothing exchange.


All underwear, bra’s, T-shirts, and socks must be purchased by the inmate from the institution’s commissary company. They are not permitted to be dropped off at the receptionist’s desk at any time.