Tucker Auto-Mation

Tucker Auto-Mation Logo

Tucker Auto-Mation is a relatively new company, paying homage to one of the 20th century’s well-known entrepreneurs, Preston Tucker. Preston was a visionary who dared to challenge the big three automakers post-World War II with his desire to create “The car of tomorrow, today.” Tucker Auto-Mation, founded in 2013, is striving to the do same in the automatic door industry.

Tucker Auto-Mation supplies swinging, sliding, folding and revolving automatic doors for airports, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, office buildings, etc. What makes the company’s product different from what is already on the market? “We utilize certain technology to move our slide doors that is unique and of a higher quality than our competitors,” explains Jude Abraham, CFO of Tucker Auto-Mation.

Headquartered in Westmoreland County’s Industrial Park IV, North Huntingdon Township, the company has 22 employees. A number Tucker Auto-Mation President and CEO Patrick Mercier plans to grow to 300 in five years.

Sampling of Products & Accessories

“We are the exclusive door “spec’d” for all AT HOME stores being built across the country.  We are also being put into retro-fit updates for Giant Eagle stores in this region,” said Abraham. And if you have ever seen Excela Health employees using key fobs at one of their facilities, you have experienced a Tucker Auto-Mation product in action. Currently, the company offers over 100 different door associated products. Along with the resell of CEA sensors and other door parts from a variety of other manufacturers.

The corporate customer is not Tucker Auto-Mation’s only focus. The company also wants to bring their “SMART” door technology to your home. They have patented the design of the Zap product which can be used in commercial and residential garage doors. “It is lighter, easier to install, and quiet.  It is really starting to become popular as word gets out,” said Abraham.

Tucker Auto-Mation also strives to present a unique opportunity here in Western PA for independent door companies, storefront companies, glass companies and locksmiths to work closely with the company.  “We hope to attract more of the local independents that want to feel close to the manufacturer to come and visit and learn more about buying directly from us,” said Abraham.  “We can offer training at this location and assist smaller independents to land larger slide door projects they might not have been able to tackle on their own.”