Coroner Internship Program


Applicants for an internship with the Westmoreland County Coroner’s Office must meet the following criteria: 
  • Must be 18 years of age or older and provide the following documents via electronic submission through the application form:
    • Scanned copy of valid driver's license or valid state issued photo identification.
    • Scanned copy of valid health insurance card.
    • Uploaded copy of resume.
    • Uploaded essay on the student's understanding of the duties of the coroner's office, statistics in Westmoreland County on caseloads/investigations, coroner laws within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and how the internship will be relevant to the student's educational experience/major.
      • The essay is to be at minimum 500 words, double spaced, with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Research information can be found on this website and the internet to assist you in your writing.
      • To be considered for participation, applicants must receive college credit and the internship must be a requirement for their major.
      • High school students receiving school credit may be considered for participation.
      • Upon receipt of application and all above documents, an interview will be scheduled with the Coroner and/or Internship Coordinator.  Application and all documents must be received by the deadlines listed below.
      • Applications received without ALL required documents will be incomplete and not considered for review.
      • Applicants are advised to submit applications WELL in advance.
      • Mandatory drug testing will be completed on each applicant who is offered an internship.
      • A confidentiality agreement must be signed, due to the sensitive information within the office.  
      • Internship sessions and application deadlines are as followed:
                              Fall Session                                          Spring Session                                      Summer Session
                August 15th - December 31st                        January 1st - May 14th                          May 15th - August 14th   
                       Application Deadline                                Application Deadline                               Application Deadline 
                               June 15th                                               October 1st                                                March 15

      • Preference will be given to individuals pursuing careers and/or education in the following fields:
        • Criminology / Criminal Justice
        • Forensic Science
        • Mortuary Science
        • Law Enforcement
      • Successful applicants must be willing to participate in all aspects and duties of the coroner’s office including, but not limited to:
        • General office duties (answering phones, logging information, data entry, and filing)
        • Scene investigation (general investigations under the supervision of a deputy coroner)
        • Autopsy observation
      • Interns will maintain a log or journal of their experience throughout their internship and submit it to the coroner at the conclusion of their internship.  
      • Internships are conducted during the daylight shift only.  
      • Internships are unpaid.