Parks & Trails Photo Contest Winners!

Plants & Animals (Nature)
First Place: Krystal Ritenour, Mammoth Park
Nature, Krystal Ritenour, Mammoth Park

Second Place: Lisa Klugh, Twin Lakes Park
Nature, Deborah Hoffstot, Twin Lakes Park

First Place: Melissa Salsgiver, Historic Hanna's Town
People, Melissa Salsgiver, Hannas Town

Second Place: Lynn Mamros, Northmoreland Park

People, Lynn Mamros, Northmoreland Park

Places & Landscapes

First Place: James Murphy, Twin Lakes Park
Places, James Murphy, Twin Lakes Park

Second Place: Megan Miller, Northmoreland Park

Places, Megan Miller, Northmoreland Park

Congratulations to the winners! And a big THANK YOU to everyone who submitted photos for the Photo Contest! It was difficult to choose only 6 winners; we are so grateful for your support and enthusiasm!

And remember, we will not use images for monetary gain and you still retain the rights to your photos; you are just agreeing to share those rights with us and let us share your photos royalty-free (we will try to credit the photographer when reasonably possible).

The Photo Contest was generously sponsored by the Westmoreland County Parks & Recreation Citizens Advisory Board