Arbitration List


 Arbitrators, litigants and counsel:

Westmoreland County values the safety and welfare of the public.  We also want to ensure that attorneys and litigants may continue to have access to justice to the extent safely possible during this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Westmoreland County Courthouse staff routinely clean and disinfect surfaces.  Although use of face masks is not presently required in government facilities, we encourage litigants and attorneys to use face masks and to practice social distancing.

In addition, we ask that counsel and arbitrators assist us in our efforts to maintain social distance.  To that end, we ask that attorneys and litigants agree to permit testimony by telephone or by video appearance when possible.  This could be accomplished by use of a mobile phone with videoconference app, for example.  Other means of preserving distancing include entering into written stipulations to avoid the need of in-person testimony and calling witnesses into the arbitration rooms individually and in such manner to preserve social distancing.

Thank you for your service and assistance.