Public Defender

The Public Defender's Office is charged with representing those who face possible incarcPublic Defendereration and who can not afford to hire their own private attorney.

What do we do?

Westmoreland County Public Defender's Office:
  • Represents individuals charged with crimes. The representation can start as early as the Preliminary Hearing stage and continues on through the appellate courts; The representation includes the investigation of the charges by our investigator to ensure that all possible defenses are explored;
  • Represents individuals accused of violating a Protection From Abuse order;
  • Represents those accused of violating a support order;
  • Represents our juveniles accused of committing crimes;
  • Represents those accused of violating the terms of their probation or parole;
  • Represents those involuntarily committed for mental health treatment;
  • Insure that the rights of the indigent are protected.

Our Clients

The Public Defender's Office does not pick and choose what clients it wants to represent based on the crimes charged, who the accused is or what the public may think. Instead, we represent all who face the possibility of losing their freedom and can not afford to hire an attorney privately to represent them.