Donate Juror Service Payments to Charity

Donation jarsGreat things are done by a series of small things brought together

Vincent Van Gogh

Westmoreland County jurors have the option to donate their juror fees to local non-profit organizations. Upon completion of their jury service, jurors may authorize donation of their fees to the organizations.  The Juror Donation Program, is a way for civic-minded people to give to a good cause while saving the county money on paper, bank transactions and postage. 

Through the generosity of Westmoreland County residents serving jury duty, the Juror Donation Program has collected $80,202.76 from 5,923 jurors, since September, 2016.

The judges determine the non-profit recipients annually. The county Controllers Office monitors to ensure that the donated fees are allocated to the chosen organizations on a monthly basis. 

Over the years we have donated to the following organizations: Blackburn Center, CASA of Westmoreland , Westmoreland County Food Bank, Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, and Westmoreland Bar Foundation Pro Bono Program For information on these organizations, please go to their website.