For Victims

You have been the victim of a juvenile crime...

The Juvenile Probation Department and Victim/Witness Services Office would like to help YOU, the victim. You may not be familiar with how the Juvenile System functions, what rights you have and whether you will be reimbursed for damages or loss of property.

This site is designed to answer many of your preliminary questions. If you have any questions, please call the numbers listed below. With your cooperation, we will do our best to see that justice is done on your behalf.

Adeline Beighley
Director/Chief Juvenile Probation Officer
Westmoreland County Juvenile Probation Department

Victim Restoration

The Juvenile Justice System shall support victim restoration to the greatest extent possible.

Goal: Restore the victim to pre-crime status financially, emotionally and physically.

Victims of juvenile crime are now given a central role in the juvenile justice process and have a right to make their voices heard. Victims and communities are now considered stakeholders in the Juvenile Justice System.

The goals of the Juvenile Justice System are:
  • Hold offenders accountable for their actions and allow them to take responsibility for the harm they have caused.
  • Rebuild relationships in the community
  • Find meaningful ways to repair the harm done victims.

Contact Information
If your case is scheduled to appear at the Westmoreland County Courthouse:
724-830-3993 or 724-830-3271 Fax:724-830-3065

If your case is scheduled to appear at the Westmoreland County Probation Department:
724-830-1838 or 724-830-3271 Fax: 724-830-4257

Additional Information
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