How to Qualify

Qualifications to be a 2022 MAPS member are from March 1, 2021- August 31, 2021

MAPS qualifications have changed. It is now the same for NEW and EXISTING MAPS members.
    1. Wellness Exam with your PCP
    2. Completion of one Preventative Activity
    3. Completion of one Wellness Activity 
    4. Once items 1-3 are complete, Submit 2022 Qualification form by following the link.     2022 MAPS Application

Newly Hired employees have 45 days from the start of their health insurance to complete the requirements.

New Hire Information 

2022 Complete MAPS Packet


*Wellness Exam- Contact your PCP and schedule a WELLNESS exam, there will be no
                                 co-pay if it is schedules as a Wellness Exam. Can use previous
                                 WELLNESS exams from September 1, 2020-August 31, 2021
*One Activity from the each list below
 (Annual Mammogram, Gynecology, Colonoscopy may not be covered by Insurance. Call Highmark or UPMC before scheduling appointment)
 Preventative Activity 
• Vision Exam 
• Dental Exam
• Gynecology Exam
• Mammogram
• Colonoscopy
• Bone Density Screening
• Health Risk Assessment
• RealAge Test (
• Flu Shot
• COVID Vaccine

Wellness Activities
• Enrollment into a weight loss program or dietetic counseling 
• Attend Wellness Lunch and Learn
• Attend Wellness Fair
• Enrollment Date in Smoking Cessation Program
• Active participation in Fitness Center or certify 30 Minutes of activity3x weekly
• Certify active participation in a sports league or coaching (6 week minimum)
• Participation in a charity walk, run, swim, or bike
• Pedometer Challenge (Active Participation)
• Call to insurance Health Coach

*Self Reporting will be randomly audited. 10% of the employees who qualify will be audited. If you fall in the audit and were qualifying for the first time, you will need to provide supporting documentation for the annual physical within 30 days of being notified to Human Resources. If you were re-qualifying and fell within the audit, you will need to provide supporting documentation on the one activity you had selected within 30 days of being notified to Human Resources. If any fraudulent claims were reported within the wellness audit, you and your family will no longer be eligible for the MAPS program for that qualifying year, be subject to mandatory audit for the following year, and have audit findings placed in your personal file.