Local Rules of Court

The Westmoreland County Court Administrator is the publisher of the local Westmoreland County Rules of Court. For your convenience, the local rules are available in PDF form. Please feel free to download and print a copy of the rules for your own use or for further distribution. Once you have opened the PDF document, pressing Ctrl+F will enable you to search the document for a word or rule number.

Westmoreland County Local Rules of Court (complete set)

The table below provides an outline of rule changes that have occurred since August 12, 2015. The Court Administrator's office became responsible for updating the local rules of court on September 23, 2015.

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Publishing Local Rules

Date of Order
Date Updated
W1920.55-a(C)  12/7/20  Civil Rescinded Rule and adopted new Rule W1920.55-2a(C)  2/1/21 
W05.17  9/29/20  Orphans'  Small Estates - rescinded  11/24/20
W1915.4-4  7/8/20  Civil  Judicial Custody(Pretrial) Conference Rule  8/24/20
WC575 7/2/19 Criminal Petition for Competency Evaluations 8/19/19
WO14.3, WO14.6, WO14.10 & WO14.14
 6/10/19 Orphans' Guardianship Rules 8/5/19
 WJ4008 4/33/19 Judicial Transcript Costs 6/11/19
W1930 3/12/19 Family Family Division Case Assignments 4/30/19
WJUV515 2/7/19 Juvenile Juvenile Justice Restoration/Restitution Fee 4/2/19
WJ 511   9/17/17 Judicial Administration Filing Documents to Conform to Public Access Policy 1/6/18
WC 542 10/19/17 Criminal Preliminary Hearings 1/2/18 
WJ507 7/31/17 Judicial Administration Raw Notes.Transcripts 9/8/17
W205.4 7/25/17 Civil Electronic Filing 8/21/17
W01.6-W016.6 4/6/17 Orphans' Orphans' Court Rules and Indes 5/29/17
WJ4008 12/21/2016 Judicial Administration
Transcript Costs
WJ4007 12/21/2016 Judicial Administration
Requests for Transcripts
W1018.1   Civil Notice to Defend - Note Added for Cross Reference   2/8/17
W1915.12  11/4/16 Family Enforcement.Contempt 12/26/16
W1915.4-4 9/30/16 Family Judicial Custody Pretrial Conference (formerly W1915.17) 11/20/16
W1915.17 9/30/16 Family  Relocation (formerly  W1915.19) 11/20/16
W1915.19  9/30/16 Family Renumbered W1915.17 11/20/16
W1940.1 9/30/16 Family  Voluntary Mediation (formerly W1915.4-4) 11/20/16
W6001 8/3/16 Civil Rules Governing Appeals from Real Estate Tax Assessments 9/19/16
 W1920.42 10/28/15  Family Affidavit and decree under Section 3301(c) or Section 3301(d) of the Divorce Code  12/21/15 
WJ103 9/23/15 Judicial Official Publisher of Local Rules 10/15/15
WO407(b)(1) 9/17/15 Civil Small Estates 10/15/15
WC114 8/17/15 Criminal Orders & Ct. notices... 10/15/15
 W212.1 8/12/15 Civil Certificate of Readiness 10/15/15