Westmoreland Courthouse Trivia

Westmoreland County CourthouseConstruction on the current
 Courthouse began and ended 
 in what years? 

Construction began in 1901, and was completed in 1907.
A dedication ceremony was held in January 1908.
Three Women Above Westmoreland County CourthouseThree women above the Courthouse entrance represent what?

Justice, The Law and The People.
Courtroom 8 ceiling Westmoreland CourthouseThis beautiful ceiling was hidden behind a drop ceiling and discovered during renovations that occurred what year?

Westmoreland County Courthouse Courtroom 5The original four courtrooms (current Courtrooms 3, 5, 7 and 9) are themed and decorated to represent what?

The four seasons: Spring (Courtroom #5), Summer (Courtroom #3), Fall (Courtroom #7) and Winter (Courtroom #9)