Advanced Technology Center

Be part of something new!

At Westmoreland County Community College (WCCC) Advanced Technology Center (ATC), new technologies and innovative ideas are shaping computer-driven manufacturing environments that bear little resemblance to the gritty and grimy shop floors of the past. This revolution is beginning to shatter long-standing business models, upend global trade patterns and revitalize American industry.

Nationally, it means a swath of new tools to build smarter, leaner factories and explore innovative new products, materials and techniques that weren’t possible before with resurgence in manufacturing employment. Regionally, and almost certainly in Westmoreland, it means training for jobs in a new way.
Advanced Technology Center Student
Advanced Technology Center Student
The new WCCC Advanced Technology Center is poised to become a community, workforce and economic development asset to help grow the manufacturing industry in the region. Occupying 73,500 SF of space at RIDC Westmoreland Innovation Center in Mount Pleasant, the ATC provides affordable, hands-on learning to prepare WCCC students and incumbent workers for high-demand, technically oriented careers in manufacturing, energy and other sectors.

The ATC programs include industry aligned curriculum for technical skills training in:

• Advanced manufacturing
• Energy – natural gas & oil
• Mechatronics
• Additive manufacturing
• Machining and fabrication
• Materials joining/welding

Why not prepare for a career in energy and manufacturing and get your hands-on success here? Why not be part of something new!

For more information, contact:
Dr. Byron Kohut
Dean, School of Technology at the