Farmers Market Program


The 2022 Senior Farmers’ Market Program provides eligible seniors with checks to purchase produce grown in Pennsylvania. The program is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, and provides eligible individuals four $6.00 checks to use at any participating Farmers’ Market to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. Checks can be used from June 1 until November 30.

How Do I Apply?

1) Submit application online 
     (2022 Applications no longer accepted)
2) Mail application using  appears to be an empty link with target /DocumentCenter/View/18848/SFMNP-application--for-mailing-do-not-delete-unpublished-seasonally printable version 
     (2022 Applications no longer accepted)
3) In-person at the following Sign up schedule and locations 


Residents of Personal Care Homes, Domiciliary Care Homes and Convents are not eligible.

You must be 60 years or older (as of December 31 of the current year), a Westmoreland County resident, and meet the following household income guidelines:  

  • 1 person $25,142
  • 2 people $33,874
  • 3 people $42,606
  • 4 People $51,338
  • 5 people $60,070
  • 6 people $68,802

 Income of all individuals residing in a household must be considered. There is a one-time sign-up per season

Tips for Using Farmer's Market Vouchers:

  1. There is one-time sign-up per year
  2. Vouchers can be used in an combination of $6.00 increments. You can use one at a time, all at one time or however you choose.
  3. Vouchers can only be accepted at Farmer's Markets displaying a sign indicating the vendor is a FMNP participant. Vouchers cannot be used at grocery stores.
  4. You must sign-up in the county you live-in. However, the vouchers can be used anywhere in the state
  5. You will not receive change from the vouchers, therefore you may want to spend as close to $6.00 (or whatever amount you're spending) or a little over and pay the difference.
  6. Vouchers cannot be used to purchase baked goods.
  7. Do not sign the front of the checks until you are at the Farmer's Market ready to use them. Never sign the back of the check. This is for the vendor.
  8. Vouchers only valid until November 30.