Intrastate Family Support Act

Intrastate Family Support Act (IFSA)

When Westmoreland DRS files on behalf of a plaintiff to another county having proper venue to hear the matter, it is giving that other county full authority over the case. Westmoreland DRS remains a facilitating county on behalf of the plaintiff. While it is generally considered better to maintain local control, the defendant’s county may be better able to deal with the defendant in certain circumstances. This might be true, for example, if the defendant is self-employed.

Generally, with the ability to withhold wages anywhere, it is unnecessary to transfer cases from one county to the next just because a party moves or changes jobs. This is especially true when the moves may be short distances across county borders. So long as the order is working, the DRS should follow the rule, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” There are, however legitimate reasons to transfer established cases from one county to another, such as difficulty of enforcement or a need to consolidate a defendant’s multiple cases within one forum.