Intrastate Cases

Intrastate Case Processing

When the noncustodial parent (NCP) lives in Pennsylvania but in another county, personal jurisdiction is not an issue. However, it is necessary to determine whether this court is the proper venue to hear matters regarding the case. A support action may be brought in:
  • The county in which the defendant resides
  • The county in which the defendant is regularly employed
  • The county in which the plaintiff resides when that is the county in which the last marital domicile was located and in which the plaintiff has continued to reside
  • The county in which the child resides if the relief sought includes child support
The DRS should file a local complaint (maintaining control of the case here in Westmoreland County) against a defendant in another county unless any of the following conditions apply:
  • After diligent effort, the DRS is unable to obtain service upon the defendant
  • This is not a proper venue for entering an order against the defendant
  • The obligor is already subject to an order for support in that or any other case in that county
  • The plaintiff requests to proceed under IFSA
If local venue can be established, plaintiffs are given a detailed description of the pros and cons of filing IFSA or locally. After reading the “Full Disclosure and Informed Consent” form, they are asked to indicate their understanding and choose whether they wish to file IFSA or Local.