Uniform Parcel Identifier (UPI)

The mission of the UPI department is to examine, approve, and affix appropriate UPI code(s) to documents prior to presentment to the Recorder of Deeds. “UPI” stands for uniform parcel identifier. A "UPI" is a finite, punctuated sequence of numbers indicating the land parcel or other interest in real estate.

All documents pertaining to real estate presented for recording to the Recorder of Deeds of Westmoreland County shall have the appropriate UPI code(s) affixed to them as provided for in Ordinance no 6 of 2007. Such documents must also include the Westmoreland County tax map number.

All leases, including subsurface leases, are subject to the requirements of the Westmoreland County UPI ordinance. As such, these documents must also have UPI code(s) affixed and include a Westmoreland County tax map number for each surface parcel.