Modify Existing Order

Review & Modification of Support and/or Medical Support

Welfare cases are automatically reviewed every three years for possible modifications of support obligation and inclusion or adjustment of medical coverage. Non-welfare clients have the same right to review by filing a petition for review or modification. Regardless of why the petition was filed, a Conference Officer may adjust the order upward or downward based upon the guidelines or, if appropriate, terminate the obligation. 

Filing by Mail

You may choose, instead, to download the necessary forms from our list of online forms. Just complete all information, sign and date all forms, have the signature notarized on the petition, and mail the forms, marked to the attention of intake. You need to complete and return the following:

In addition, you will need to fill out the Income and Expense form and bring it with you to the conference. Or, if you wish to testify by phone, complete Obtaining a Telephone Support Conference / Hearing and mail it in along with documents specified in the instructions, including the Income and Expense Statement.