Drug Overdose Task Force

Get In Westmoreland LogoThe DOTF is led by Director Tim Phillips and advised by County Commissioners Sean Kertes, Douglas Chew and Gina Cerilli Thrasher. Visit Get In Westmoreland website to learn more, and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.
The County's GET IN Westmoreland--Community Coalition on Substance Use Reduction facilitates coalition building to take action, advocate, and educate community members about this epidemic.

NEXT Distro is an online resource for Free Naloxone Access including mail-based distribution for low and no-access communities.

NEXT Distro is designed for people who can't access naloxone through pharmacies, syringe exchange programs, or by other means. Thanks to a partnership between NEXT Distro and Prevention Point, all Pennsylvanians will have the ability to become trained opioid overdose responders and be equipped with naloxone.  We are dedicated to ensuring access to naloxone regardless of one's ability to travel, self-advocate, or afford the life-saving medication.

To access free supplies, please visit nextdistro.org/pennslvania


Westmoreland County overdoses increased dramatically--from 22 in 2002 to 174 in 2016, mirroring the national trend. In 2018, supported by the work of the DOTF and many other government, community, and private organizations, we saw a reduction in deaths.  This is a serious public health problem that affects all citizens in one way or another. Click here to view the Coroner's page for the latest statistics and overdose data.