Truancy Partnership 

Truancy is defined as any unexcused absence from compulsory school attendance.

Habitually Truant is an unexcused absence for more than three (3) school days or the equivalent, following the first notice of an unexcused absence given by school staff. The fourth unexcused absence would be considered habitual.

Nine Westmoreland County school districts are participating in the Truancy Pilot Project during school year 2016-17. This innovative project targets the root causes of truancy and developing solutions collaboratively. The focus is on intervening early, positively affecting school attendance, and reducing truancy. Parents, schools, courts, the medical community and Children’s Bureau are working together to formulate model Truancy Elimination Plans (TEPs) that schools can utilize. TEP teams will use school/family conferences to individualize plans to address each student’s unique needs and circumstances. Pilot school districts Greater Latrobe, Greensburg Salem, Hempfield Area, Jeannette City, Ligonier Valley, Mt. Pleasant Area, Yough, Belle Vernon, and Franklin Regional have convened TEP teams as of the start of this school year. Empty School Desk

For more information, contact Westmoreland County Children's Bureau Department: (724) 830-3345

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