MAPS Wellness Initiative

What is MAPS?

Since wellness encompasses the whole individual, particularly the mental and physical states that contribute to a productive work environment, the Commissioners have established a three-year Wellness Initiative for "Mapping out a path to enhance and improve the Mental And Physical States of employees". View entire proclamation.

Partnership with Healthcare Professionals

to promote a series of 3 proactive steps to enroll and participate in MAPS:
  • Wellness Exam with your PCP
  • Health risk assessment (HRA)
  • One wellness activity
Once qualified, employees will be eligible to receive copay-elimination for primary office visits with a participating MAPS Excela Health Physician at Excela Health.

All New Hires, Transfers, Promotions, Life Events, Buy Out employees need to contact wellness coordinator for wellness packet information.

Proactive Steps Lead to Positive Outcomes

Since the county is self-insured, every time an employee has a health care issue, it costs the county money. When the workplace decides to make an effort to become well, employees and taxpayers benefit:

  • Healthy people = Less claims = Save tax payer money
  • Healthy people = More productivity = Save tax payer money
  • Healthy people = Less sick days = More productivity = Save tax payer money
  • Healthy people = Less healthcare costs = Lower premiums and deductibles for the employee

Why Join MAPS?

Healthier Lifestyle
Preventative Medical Care
Lower healthcare costs
Community Partner Discounts
Monthly Membership Drawings
Free Admittance to all Wellness Events - many of which have prizes
Co-pays are waived at participating Excela facilities

Contact Us

  1. MAPS Wellness Initiative

    Alexis Bevan
    Ph: (724) 830-3197