Priority Transportation

Eligibility: Westmoreland County Residents age 65 and older

The Priority Transportation Program is sponsored by the Westmoreland County Area Agency on Aging (AAA), and funded by the PA Dept. of Aging and Westmoreland County Board of Commissioners. Transportation is provided through, and in conjunction with, Westmoreland Transit’s Shared-Ride program.
Priority Transportation complements the Shared-Ride program by helping to provide a total of a 95% discount for five types of “priority” destinations.


1. Medical Appointments not eligible for MATP transportation.
2. Your local Senior Center in Westmoreland County.
3. Senior Center based shopping
4. AAA Adult Day Care
5. AAA Vision Center

The State does not permit the AAA to subsidize medical trips that are eligible for MATP transportation.
To register – Phone either AAA office. You will be asked some basic questions and a AAA ID card will be mailed to the rider. Riders must also register for Shared-Ride.
To schedule a trip call Westmoreland Transit at 1-800-242-2706
For riders age 65 and older, Shared-Ride pays for 85% of the fare for any destination, Priority Transportation pays for 10% of the fare for the five PRIORITY DESTINATIONS previously listed, and the rider pays 5% of the fare.
For riders age 60-64 (registered before February, 2012), Priority Transportation pays for 95% of the fare for the five Priority Destinations, and the rider pays the remaining 5% of the fare.
An Escort Form is available for riders who cannot travel alone and who have an escort that must ride with them.