Our Performance

At the end of federal fiscal year 2008, Pennsylvania became the first state to achieve the national goal of 80% or better in all performance measures. Keeping in mind that a score of 80% in each measure results in 100% incentive funding, the following are comparisons for each measure. Data for Pennsylvania and Westmoreland County are current as of December 31, 2010. National data is preliminary (unaudited) data for FFY 2010 (ending September 30, 2010). Pennsylvania leads the nation in collections of Current Support and Support Arrears. It’s composite score of 90.90% for all measures ranks first in the nation.

Support Orders Established
Performance Goal 80.00%
National Average 80.08%
Pennsylvania 90.15%
Westmoreland County 96.37%

Paternity Established
Performance Goal 80.00%
National Average 94.73%
Pennsylvania 95.83%
Westmoreland County 100.00%

Collection & Distribution of Support
Performance Goal 80.00%
National Average 62.05%
Pennsylvania 83.04%
Westmoreland County 85.02%

Collection of Arrears
Performance Goal 80.00%
National Average 62.11%
Pennsylvania 83.14%
Westmoreland County 82.28%

Medical Support Establishment*
Performance Goal 80.00%
National Average NA
Pennsylvania 89.30%
Westmoreland County 94.28%

Medical Support Enforcement*
Performance Goal 80.00%
National Average NA
Pennsylvania 84.67%
Westmoreland County 91.20%

* Medical Support performance is measured, but not as yet included in the funding calculation. Both Pennsylvania and Westmoreland County have surpassed the Medical Support Establishment and Enforcement goals. Nationwide data is not available.

Cost Effectiveness
Performance Goal $5.00 (dollars collected for dollar spent)
National Average $4.86
Pennsylvania $5.68
Westmoreland County $10.13

The national goal is to achieve at least $5 collected for each dollar spent and 80% in each of the other performance measures.

Case Initiation Services
Absent Parent Location
Establishing Paternity of a Child
Establishing Support Obligations
Establishing Medical Support
Modifying Existing Orders
Collection, Distribution, and Disbursement of Payments
Enforcing the Payment of Orders
Coordinate All of the Above with All Other States and Some Foreign Countries
Limited Legal Services