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Human Services build, maintain, and repair the means of well-being that people need to thrive and be self-sufficient, especially those who are vulnerable, by providing prevention, intervention, and advocacy support for all.


Physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being will be hallmarks of Westmoreland County. We will strive to create a Human Services ecosystem in Westmoreland County, particularly for our most vulnerable residents that is accessible, adaptive, equitable, high-capacity, integrated, and trauma-informed.

  1. Area Agency on Aging
  2. BH/DS
  3. Children's Bureau
  4. Department of Community Relations & Prevention
  5. Veterans Affairs
Carrie Nelson, Westmoreland County Area Agency on AgingCarrie Nelson, MSW, Director
Meet the Director 
Area Agency on Aging staff help seniors access free health insurance counseling, our 13 Senior Centers, visitors to the homebound, legal and consumer protection services, discounted shared rides, and vision benefits.

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  1. Dr. Rachel Berger (UPMC) and Jason Ware (Westmoreland County Children&#39s Bureau)

    Employee Spotlight

    Children’s Bureau Casework Manager Jason Ware received the Champion of Hope and Healing Award for his outstanding dedication and commitment to the well-being of children at the annual UPMC Conference on Child Maltreatment. Read on...
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