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TAC Therapeutic Activity Center
TANF Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
TASC Treatment Alternatives for Street Crime. Drug & Alcohol
TCC Transition Coordinating Council
TCM Targeted Case Management - a pilot project that may expand to any agency that wants to move to this service. It allows for the consumer to move to different levels of case management when their needs change w/o changing case managers.
THC Tetrahydrocannabanoids. Ingredient in marijuana that causes high.
TIEP Transition Individual Education Plan
TITLE XIX A Medicaid program, coordinated by County MH/MR office. Serves individuals whose WAIVER/HOME would otherwise require an ICF/MR (Institutional) level of care, consisting of, but BASED not limited to, in home services, CLA (Community Living Arrangement), FBVR (Facility Based Vocational Rehabilitation), ADT(Adult Development Training), Adaptive equipment, CM supportive services and therapy.
TPL Third Party Liability
TSH Torrance State Hospital
TSS Therapeutic Staff Support
TTY/TDD Text Telephone Typewriter/Telecommunications for Deaf