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MA Medical Assistance
Medical Assistance Identification Number
MACI Milton Adolescent Clinical Inventory
MAMIS Medical Assistance Management Information System
MATP Medical Assistance Transportation Program
MAWA Mutually Agreed upon Written Agreement
MBE Minority Business Enterprise
MBE/WBE Minority Business Enterprise/Women Business Enterprise
MCO Managed Care Organization. A system of providing quality health care in a cost efficient, cost effective way.
MDE Multi-disciplinary Evaluation
MDT Multi-disciplinary Team
MEDS Medication
MH Mental Health
MHPA Mental Health Procedures Act
MIS Management Information System. System for collecting data on individuals in the MH/MR program, and the services they received.
MISA Mental Illness/Substance Abuse
MOE Method of Evaluation
MPL Minimum Participating Levels
MR Mental Retardation
MT Mobile Therapy
MWBEO Minority and Women Business Enterprise Office