Westmoreland County Park Police K9 Unit

The Westmoreland County Park Police Department has been operating a successful canine program since its inception in 2012. Established through the Pennsylvania Region 13 Counter-Terrorism Task Force, Officer William “Bill” Meyers and K-9 Rex were put into service to patrol the county buildings and property. After K-9 Rex retired in 2022, K-9 Rico joined our department. Officer Meyers and K-9 Rico specialize in explosive detection, patrol/tracking and searches of buildings, firearms and articles. As part of Region 13, Meyers and Rico are often called upon to assist other law enforcement agencies throughout southwestern Pennsylvania with school building searches, dignitary sweeps, apprehension and other patrol related duties. When not patrolling, Meyers and Rico maintain a rigorous training schedule with the City of Pittsburgh Police Department (Canine Unit) in order to maintain their yearly certification as an explosive detection team. The program has greatly enhanced public and officer safety while expanding police capabilities and improving the department’s overall effectiveness.

Coming soon in 2023 

A Narcotics Detection K-9 will be joining our department!
Donations  to our K-9 fund can me made through the Westmoreland County Park Police Association.

Rico, Officer Meyers and the department would like to thank the following for their continued support of the canine program:
  • Westmoreland County Board of Commissioners
  • Roland "Bud" Mertz, Director of Westmoreland County Department of Public Safety
  • William Hobaugh, Region 13 Coordinator
  • Pittsburgh Police Department, Canine Unit
  • Lint Veterinary Services
  • Residents and visitors of Westmoreland County for their generous donations