Public Record Searches

Access to Public Records
Public records access is a part of Westmoreland County's ongoing effort to provide easy and enhanced delivery of county information and  services. 

Civil Court
Search Civil records
Records available: 1985 - Present.
Contact Prothonotary Office for questions.  
For questions, contact the Controller's Office.
Records available:  Late 1800's - 1996
For questions, contact Coroner's Office
Criminal Court
Criminal Court records are part of the PA Unified Judicial System. 
For questions, contact Clerk of Courts. 
Records available: 1850 - Present 
For questions contact Recorder of Deeds.
Learn About Recent Changes to Viewing/Printing Images Searching Estates
Records available 1986 - present.
For questions, contact Register of Wills. 
GIS/Tax Mapping
GIS tax mapping layers including digital aerial photography.
GIS system is free. However, the ability to view property record cards and ownership record card linked within the GIS system is a paid subscription service. Learn more...
For questions, contact GIS Office
Marriage Licenses
Learn About Recent Changes to Viewing/Printing Images Searching Estates
Records available: 1885 - present. 
For questions, contact Register of Wills. 
Naturalization Records
Search Naturalization Records
Records available: 1906-1981. 
For questions, contact Prothonotary Office
Search current inmates
For questions, contact Prison 
Real Property
Search Real Property
Records available: Current tax duplicate (only updated mid January and mid June)
For questions contact the Tax Office.
View Sheriff's Most Wanted (photos and last known addresses of top fugitives). 
For questions, contact Sheriff's Office 
Tax Assessment Cards
Access to Tax Assessment Cards is a paid subscription service only.   
Paid subscriber login.   For questions, contact Tax Assessment  
Tax Claim/Real Estate Inquiry
Access to Tax Claim/Real Estate Inquiry is a paid subscription service only. Learn more...
Records Available: Current Real Estate/Delinquent Taxes.
For questions, contact Tax Assessment