Tax Assessment


The Tax Assessment office sets, maintains, and certifies property tax assessments for all real property located within Westmoreland County. Tax assessments are utilized by the county, the school districts, and the municipal governments within Westmoreland County to collect ad valorem real property taxes.
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Maintaining the assessment system includes review of all building and demolition permits issued by county municipal governments, field review of construction and demolitions, setting property assessments, and providing notice of changes in assessments to our taxpayers.

Board of Assessment Appeals

The Tax Assessment Office also provides support and assistance to the Westmoreland County Board of Assessment Appeals. Any taxpayer may appeal a change of assessment to the Board for its review within 40 days of the mailing of a notice of change.

Taxpayers may also annually appeal any tax assessment. Annual appeals must be filed to the board on or before August 1 of each year and are effective for the following tax year. Forms for assessment appeals are available on the “Forms” section of this site or from the Tax Assessment office.
  • Alex Brown, Chairman
  • Dan Galbraith, Vice Chairman
  • Barb Moffe, Secretary
  • Darrell Arbore, Solicitor
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