Fee Schedule

EXACT PAYMENT MUST BE INCLUDED WITH ANY DOCUMENT(s) SENT FOR RECORDING. If you have questions in regards to any of the fees, contact us at (724) 830-3518 or email [email protected].

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Payment Policy

Marginal Notations

Instruments, such as satisfactions, agreements, leases, assignments, lease releases, etc., may make reference to a book on which marginal notation is to be made. For any notations over one, there will be an additional charge of $2 for each notation.

Realty Transfer Tax

All deeds must set forth the true consideration or have with them two copies of "Affidavit of Value." Any exception (whether a full exemption or a partial exemption) claimed, must be accompanied by an "Affidavit of Value" filed in duplicate. Complete information is required, including street addresses, consideration, assessed value, and fair market value, along with mortgages recorded and location of property, plus an explanation as to whether or not it is a taxable transaction. Specific reference is to be made to the regulation number under which the exemption is claimed.

Recording of Plot Plans

  • Original Plans
  • Original signature(s) plus notary
  • Approval (if applicable) of local governing body with original signatures:
    • Westmoreland County Planning Department
    • Township - two supervisors must sign
    • Borough - President of Borough Council and mayor and Secretary of Borough must sign
  • Recording fee (18" x 24") - $49.00 for first page
  • Each additional page is $20.00.
  • Additional UPI are $20.00 each.
Plans must be recorded within 90 days of approval.
Additional tax map number - $0.50 each


  • A stamped, addressed reply envelope must be provided for return of the documents and receipts
  • Please include a phone number with your correspondence
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