BH Services S - T

School Based Mental Health
These are counseling services provided within the school at the elementary and middle school level to children / adolescents who would benefit by this level of intervention in order to be successful in their current school placement.
Shared Housing This is a living arrangement where two or more unrelated people share a home or apartment. Each person has a private room and shares common areas including the kitchen, dining room and living room. There are two models of shared housing, match-up, and group shared residences. In a group shared residence you would be living cooperatively in a single large dwelling with 4-6 other people. In a Shared Housing Match-up model, you would be sharing a home with just one other person. This housing option has been made available to Westmoreland County consumers through Westmoreland Community Action (WCA) in Mt. Pleasant area of Westmoreland County.
Student Assistance Program This is a program provided within the secondary school setting in partnership with the drug and alcohol program. The program provides identification and early intervention for youth at risk for either mental health or drug and alcohol problems.
Therapeutic Summer Activities Program These programs provide a range of age appropriate specialized therapies to assist the child in developing interpersonal relationship, daily living, and coping skills. Services are provided in a community environment that includes much interaction with community resources such as parks and other recreational facilities.
Transition Services for Youth Into Adult Services These include community-based support services that will help adolescents / young adults as they move from the children’s system of mental health services into the adult mental health system. These services offer connection to many community resources and provide the linkages that are necessary for this target population to successfully move from the child-serving system to the adult world.