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Partial Hospitalization/Acute Partial Hospitalization Programming is available for children, adults, and the geriatric population who require less than 24-hour care, but more intense than services offered in outpatient. Services may include those listed under outpatient as well as education, daily living skills, financial management, medication administration and evaluation, social skills development, and crisis counseling. Acute partial hospitalization is delivered in a shorter and more intensive treatment time frame.
Peer Specialist A peer specialist is an individual with a history of or is currently receiving mental health services who attends and successfully completes an intensive training program to become a certified peer specialist. This allows them to provide Medicaid reimbursable Peer Support Services. Together with a peer, they develop a goal oriented service plan to assist the individual to acquire and utilize skills to facilitate recovery and improve their desired roles in regard to living, learning, working and social interaction in the community.
Psychiatric Inpatient Hospitalization Voluntary and involuntary admissions are provided for persons in need of 24-hour hospital based care due to the severity of the psychiatric problems being presented. Specialized psychiatric inpatient units are also available for children and the geriatric population.
Psychiatric Rehabilitation This assists persons with functional disabilities resulting from mental illness to develop, enhance, and/or retain: psychiatric stability, social competencies, personal adjustment, and/or independent living competencies so that they experience more success and satisfaction in the environments of their choice and can function as independently as possible.
Representative Payee Program This is a program designed to help consumers who have difficulty with managing their finances.