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Case Management Services in this area include intake into the public mental health system, development of a service plan, processing of referrals, coordination and monitoring of services (including out-of-home placements and state hospital placements).
Child Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP) Administrative coordination of local child serving systems through systems planning and development, and individual multi-agency staffing for children/adolescents and their families
Community Employment and Employment Related Services Specialized job training and placement services provided with the assistance of job coaches in regular, community, business, and industry employment settings.

A Clubhouse model has been added to our CEER programming. The clubhouse is based on a work ordered day and gives the consumer various experience in a variety of work unit settings such as: clerical, food service, janitorial and educational
Community Psychiatric Nursing Program Services are delivered to consumers in nursing homes, personal care homes, temporary residential facilities as well as their own homes in the community. The main focus of the psychiatric mental health nurse is to promote and maintain optimal mental functioning, to prevent further dysfunction, and to help consumers regain or develop their coping abilities. The psychiatric nurse utilizes assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation as the mode of care delivery. Education and medication management also play key roles in service delivery not only to the consumer but also to their families, caretakers and human service system providers.
Community Residential Rehabilitation Host Home Specialized therapeutic family care services for children and adolescents. This service provides treatment to an individual within a specialized therapeutic home environment. This service will help the child to build a consistent support system that will increase his/her self esteem, learn how to function in a positive family living situation, maintain appropriate educational services, and increase the child’s ability to access community resources. Discharge to the natural family, if possible, is the ultimate goal.
Community Residential Rehabilitation Services Both full care and partial care services are available. These services are specifically designed and operated to assist persons 18 and older with chronic psychiatric disability, to live as independently as possible through the provision of training and assistance in the skills of community living and by serving as an integrating focus for the person’s rehabilitation. Services may include medication management, rehabilitation services, social and independent living skills instruction, emotional supports and renter skills.
Community Support Program (CSP) Collaboration of professionals, consumers, family members, and other interested public working together to improve opportunities for people with serious mental health problems. Regional or local committees sponsor events to educate communities to bring about understanding and acceptance of people with a mental illness. Committees also help plan and develop and improve mental health services.
Consumer Satisfaction Team A consumer/family member-run team who conducts interviews with consumers receiving services in the mental health system. The Consumer Satisfaction Team has added a drug and alcohol component to their services. A team member conducts interviews with individuals that are dually diagnosed with mental illness and substance abuse (MISA). The results are used to help programs refine and improve services as needed.
Crisis Intervention Services Crisis intervention services are immediate, crisis-oriented services designed to resolve precipitating stress which are provided to adults, adolescents and children and their families who exhibit an acute problem of disturbed thought, behavior, mood or social relationships. We provide:
Telephone Crisis Service
a 24 hour, 7 days a week hotline service available which receives incoming calls and provides appropriate counseling, consultation and referrals to individuals exhibiting acute problems of disturbed thought, behavior, mood or social relationships.
Mobile Crisis Service a service provided at a community site where a person in crisis is located. Services include crisis intervention, assessment, counseling, resolution, referral & follow-up. Access to mobile crisis is obtained through the Telephone Crisis Service.
Walk-In Crisis Services a service provided at a licensed provider site that provides face to face contact with individuals in crisis or with individuals seeking help for persons in crisis.