Functions of Our Office

Record Check

When a document arrives at our office, it is checked by one of our cashiers to make sure it meets all of the qualifications for being recorded. All papers presented must be original documents properly executed, signed, dated, acknowledged before a Notary Public with the notary's seal, signature and date of expiration of their commission. All recording fees and transfer taxes are due and collected at the time of recording.
Record Check.jpg

Bar Coding

Once the record check is completed, a 15-digit number is assigned to the document and a bar code sticker is printed and placed on each page. Along with the bar code, each sticker also indicates the page number and the total number of pages in the document, amount paid for the document and the date and time when the document was recorded. The document is also stamped with the Recorder's seal.
Bar Coding.jpg

Computer Scan

After being barcoded, the document is placed in a high-speed scanner that makes a computerized image of every page, each of which can be accessed and read online once all the required information has been recorded. The document is then returned (in person or by mail) to the person who had it recorded.
Computer Scan.jpg

Data Entry

To complete the recording process, our data entry specialists enter the pertinent information about the document from its legal description, which will then be accessible online. Our Quality Assurance team double-checks the data entry process to make sure all the information has been entered correctly.
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