Subdivision, Development & Zoning

Subdivision & Land Development

Subdivision and land development reviews in the County are generally broken into two categories. About half of the County's municipalities have their own Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances (SALDO). The other half have not adopted their own and are therefore subject to the SALDO adopted at the County level.

Learn more about subdivision and land development review in the County.

Connect with the Watershed Planning Advisory Committee (WPAC) for the Development of the Integrated Water Resources Plan (IWRP).

If you know the municipality in which a subdivision or land development is to take place, refer to our Municipal Directory to locate contact information.


Zoning in the County is entirely under the purview of local municipalities. The County has not adopted a zoning ordinance. Many local municipalities have not either.

Refer to our Municipal Directory to find those municipalities who have adopted an ordinance.

Building Permits

Building permits are also handled at the municipal level. In Pennsylvania, municipalities have three options available to them for permit review and approval under Uniform Construction Code (UCC) legislation.
  • Review and issue permits by in-house municipal staff
  • Contract with building inspection company for review and issuance
  • Opt-out of the process entirely which leaves the job of building permit review and issuance to the PA Department of Labor and Industry

Refer to our Municipal Directory to find building inspectors by municipality.