Satellite Centers

Satellite centers offer fellowship and a lunch meal once a month in various community locations. Satellites provide a connection to the county’s full-time senior centers and offer recreational activities and volunteer opportunities.

Satellite Centers of Lutheran Service Society
Katy Lowstetter, Senior Center Director – Ph: (724) 837-4330
Name/Address/Operation Contact
Hempfield Towers
2500 South Grande Boulevard
Greensburg, PA 15601
Ph: (724) 832-8914
Operation Days: 3rd Thursday monthly
Charlene Veroni, Manager
Ph: (724) 832-8914
Jane Bussard (Calls in count)
Ph: (724) 516-3448
Pershing Square
209 West Third Street
Greensburg, PA 15601
Ph: (724) 834-0950
Operation Days: 2nd Thursday monthly
Anita Copelli (Monday & Thursday)
Ph: (724) 834-0950
Saint Barbara Church
Raymaley & Waugaman Road
Harrison City, PA 15636
Ph: (724) 744-7474
Operation Days: 2nd Tuesday monthly
Ph: (724) 527-2387
Trafford Municipal
C/O Christian Life Church
Seventh Street Ext. & Forbes
Trafford, PA 15085
Ph: (412) 856-4422
Operation Days: 1st Wednesday monthly
Lucy Dehaven, President
Ph: (412) 372-3366