Do I Have Any Other Rights

Westmoreland County seeks to involve you in the legal process, to make your voice heard and help restore your losses. As a Victim/Witness, you have the following rights:
  • YOU will receive information about services available to you.
  • YOU will receive notification of all hearings, including the final disposition hearings.
  • YOU may be present at all hearings and have the opportunity to submit a victim impact statement, which may include physical and psychological harm and/or financial loss suffered by you.
  • YOU have the option to be notified when the juvenile offender is released or is released or is granted a home pass.
  • YOU are provided an opportunity to speak with the assigned probation officer about the case.
  • YOU will be restored to pre-crime economic status thought payment of restitution.
As a citizen and as a victim or witness of a crime, you have an important role in the administration of justice.
  • Please cooperate with the police and with the Assistant District Attorney in preparing the case for court.
  • Please testify if you receive a subpoena.
  • Please supply documentation of loss and/or medical expenses and complete the victim claim form and impact statement.
  • Please call with any questions or concerns.