Map Maintenance

GIS Map Maintenance

The GIS Map Maintenance Department supplies the County Commissioners with current and accurate maps in order to satisfy the statutory requirement requiring the Commissioners to maintain maps for the purposes of property assessment. We offer a wide variety of maps available to the genealogists including warrant maps dating back to the 1700s, a frontier map dating from 1783 through 1825 and land patent index maps by townships. There is also a cemetery index map of Westmoreland County. All of the mentioned specialty maps are available at a cost of $6 each.

In addition, the GIS Mapping Department has current maps of Westmoreland County. A road map of Westmoreland County is available at a cost of $2. There are also maps which indicate property boundaries used for taxing purposes. To obtain these maps you would need to provide the map number for the property, or the district number of that particular grid that you would like to research. The cost of each map is $1.50 for an 8 1/2” x 11” sheet or $6 for a 24” x 36” sheet.

For those interested in topographical maps, the Mapping Department can provide topographical maps at a cost of $7 each.

The GIS Mapping Department also has available a set of flood maps for public use and access to computers to assist the public in locating ownership of property.


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