Drug & Alcohol Abuse & Children

by SPHS Behavioral Health

Alcohol abuse is not only harmful to the person doing the drinking; it has serious detrimental effects on the entire family. Alcohol has been consistently demonstrated as a contributing factor in domestic violence and spousal abuse. An estimated 3 of every 4 incidents of spousal abuse involves alcohol and a recent study found that as much as 92% of domestic abuse assailants reported alcohol use on the day of their assault. In addition, children have also proven to be likely victims of physical and sexual abuse when alcohol is involved. The Children of Alcoholics Foundation found that 40% of confirmed cases of child mistreatment involved alcohol or other drugs. Children raised in a home with an alcohol abuser are also at risk for substance abuse and addiction problems. Studies have found that children who are raised by parents who abuse alcohol are more likely to engage in addictive behaviors and experience further problems such as legal, development, social and health related issues as a result.

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