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Housing Support Services These services provided to consumers and landlords that allow consumers to access and maintain housing. Some of the services provided are renter skills, landlord / tenant negotiations, housing location assistance, budgeting, etc.
Information and Referral Services providing information and referral to persons regarding all available mental health services within the county.
Long Term Structured Residence (LTSR) The Westmoreland LTSR is a program that will provide a safe and therapeutic environment where residents can learn the critical skills needed to increase personal independence and social integration into the community. This highly structured residential mental health treatment facility is designed to service individuals 18 years of age or older who do not need hospitalization, but who require mental health treatment and supervision on an ongoing 24-hour per day basis.
Mental Health Outpatient Services This includes a licensed, facility-based program that provides evaluations, testing, medication monitoring, and individual and group counseling by qualified mental health professionals.
Mobile Crisis Program This service takes place where the person in crisis is located. The service is provided either individually or as a team. Services include crisis intervention assessment, counseling, resolution, referral, and follow-up. Mobile crisis services are accessed through the Crisis Telephone Program.
Ombudsman Program This program has representatives who can provide information about managed care, help with filing complaints and grievances, ensure understanding of rights, document concerns, and help to solve problems and seek remedies for consumers of mental health and/or substance abuse services. The Ombudsman Program serves adults, children, teens, and their families.Partial Hospitalization/Acute Partial Hospitalization