If you are a college student or graduate student that is interested in a non-paid internship, please contact Director Norman Mueller at 724-830-4202 or [email protected].

Internships with the Westmoreland County Juvenile Probation Office afford students pursuing degrees in the Social Sciences an opportunity to gain hands on experience in the field of Juvenile Justice.

  • Work toward an advanced understanding of Balanced and Restorative Justice and the Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy
  • Learn about current Evidenced Based Practices utilized to guide the supervision of court-involved youth 
  • Observe and participate in all steps involved in the processing of youth through the Juvenile Justice System.  This includes the intake process, supervision and hearings.  
  • Learn the role of the Victim/Witness Advocate, the PTSD Coordinator and the Community Liaison
  • Gain an understanding of the role Continuous Quality Improvement plays in the current Juvenile Justice System 
  • Pursue the opportunity to become a mentor through our Youth Commission


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